EXCLUSIVE Beer Spa, Prague 3

Massage is one of the oldest and most natural healing methods that can help you maintain your health in great shape and feel natural. Loose body is active and allows you to reach your daily goals with greater ease.

The human body needs a human touch us and that our hasty many times does. The healing power of touch reduces stress, rejuvenates and gives a feeling of beneficial health. Life can bring many a pain, but massage will help her overcome.

Massages price list

Thai traditional massage60 minutes600 CZK
Thai traditional massage90 minutes900 CZK
Thai reflexology foot massage30 minutes300 CZK
Thai reflexology foot massage60 minutes600 CZK
Modeling massage60 minutes600 CZK
Modeling massage90 minutes900 CZK
Full classic massage60 minutes600 CZK
Full classic massage90 minutes900 CZK
Hemolymphodrainage90 minutes900 CZK
Chiromassage90 minutes900 CZK
Myostructure massage60 minutes600 CZK
Anti-cellulite massage60 minutes600 CZK
Massage lower back pain60 minutes600 CZK
Partial massage (neck, back, head)30 minutes300 CZK
Massage upper limbs30 minutes300 CZK