Manicure, pedicure
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A handshake follows up the initial contact. Therefore, our hands are communication and business tool. Rightly deserves regular nail care and skin. Professional hand treatment at the salon has long been not only includes the classic manicure. Modeled nails today became the standard for many women. S & ; modeled manicured nails feel that their hands are precisely those for which she has always wanted.


Feet play a vital role in our lives. Let’s take care of them because they deserve, because we wear life. Even a brief look at the legs can terminate many of its owners. It is important to care for your feet throughout the year not only in summer but also in winter, when your legs are hidden in winter footwear. Care should not neglect!

Medical Pedicure

Medical pedicure is a professional foot treatment, therefore the nails and skin, which use high speed cutter. In recent years, the instrument dry pedicure gaining more and more supporters. The medical pedicure begin to occur frequently as men. This is a significant help in the prevention and care of our skin and nails. The treatment is comfortable, quick and painless.

Manicure and pedicure price list

Combined pedicure350 CZK
Spa pedicure350 CZK
Treatment of ingrown nails150-500 CZK
Aesthetic finish nails300 CZK
Dry pedicures, wraps, massages600 CZK
Wet pedicures, body wraps, massages550 CZK
Chicken eye30-50 CZK
Ingrown toenail30-50 CZK

SPA pedicure

Basic350 CZK
SPA pedicure450 CZK
Cedar modeling special covering gel and gel anti-mold550 CZK
Setting nail gel or acrylic55 CZK
Acrylic nail extension on his feet500 CZK
Gel nail extension on his feet500 CZK
Removal of mold, bacteria and odors from shoesi30 CZK
Foot plasters5-10 CZK
P-Shine japanese food200 CZK
Mask100 CZK
Peeling100 CZK
Varnishing 2 coats 50 CZK
Varnishing gel varnish 250,- CZK
Stripping 30 CZK
Varnishing \”Striplac\” alessandro 250 CZK
Nourishing varnish50 CZK
Frenchwoman varnishing130 CZK
Removing modeling250 CZK
Removal of gel varnish150 CZK


Manicure classic180 CZK
Manicure + varnishing250 CZK
Manicure P-Shine 250 CZK
Modelling artificial nails 800 CZK
Removing artificial nails 250 CZK
Decorating, varnishing150 CZK
The addition of artificial nails
400 CZK
Setting nail acrylic, gel 100 CZK

SPA manicure

Manicure + peeling, mask, hand massage 500 CZK
Paraffin wrap 150 CZK
Mask100 CZK
Peeling100 CZK
Stripping 25 CZK
Varnishing 4 layers100 CZK
Varnishing 2 layers 60 CZK
Varnishing gelevým varnish 250 CZK
Varnishing Striplakem alessandro 250 CZK
Removal of gel varnish 130 CZK
Dryer varnish30 CZK
Nourishing varnish50 CZK