EXCLUSIVE Beer Spa, Prague 3

Well-chosen modern hairstyle you can change knepoznání. It is true that nature has equipped itself admirable women beauty and grace, but she sometimes left standing halfway.

Nowadays may be the pride of hairstyle and fashion element, which should take pride in not only their originality but also by quality, smoothness, softness and shine. Healthy hair also add a sense of self and environment are seen as evidence of beauty and health.

About hairdresser’s

  • We pride ourselves on a perfect sophisticated cut.
  • We follow new trends and constantly improving the training sessions.
  • A satisfied customer is our priority.

Hairdresser’s price list


Women’s hairdresser

Cutting, blowing, washing, regeneration, styling300 CZK500 CZK700 CZK
Cutting, wash200 CZK300 CZK400 CZK
Trimming bangs50 CZK50 CZK100 CZK
Highlights over foil400 CZK750 CZK1 250 CZK
Discoloration350 CZK650 CZK1 050 CZK
Dyeing + spillway550 CZK750 CZK1 250 CZK
Staining300 CZK400 CZK600-700 CZK
Blown250 CZK350 CZK400-500 CZK
Regeneration of hair irons, styling300-500 CZK800-1 000 CZK1000-1200 CZK
Highlights over cap50 CZK100 CZK150 CZK
Melír přes čepičku350 CZK500 CZK750 CZK
Melír more colors+200 CZK+250 CZK+300 CZK
Odstranění barvy350-600 CZK650-800 CZK850-1 000 CZK
Streaked through the foil (top of head)350 CZK500 CZK600 CZK
Regeneration, wrap50 CZK100 CZK150 CZK
Permanent650 CZK750 CZK1 000 CZK

Men’s hairdresser

Cutting, blowing, washing, regeneration, styling150 CZK200 CZK250 CZK
Haircut + wash200 CZK300 CZK400 CZK
Staining300 CZK400 CZK600 CZK