EXCLUSIVE Beer Spa, Prague 3

In our studio we perform cosmetic hair removal sugar paste. Sugar depilation (hair removal sugar paste) is currently. Sugar depilation (hair removal sugar paste) is currently the most gentle hair removal method that we know.

Sugar hair removal, which came to us from the Muslim world , has its roots in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. Sugar is a natural preservative and high sugar content antibacterial, so using the bacteria get into the skin and the skin does not become inflamed.

If you are allergic to waxing or other problem – hair removal in parts of the face (burning, pimples, etc.). try hair removal sugar paste and you will be very pleasantly surprised.

Depilation price list

Tele390 CZK
Two legs800 CZK
Arms350 CZK
Armpit290 CZK
Upper lip90 CZK
Beard90 CZK
Face190 CZK
Arms250-300 CZK
Back650 CZK
Brazilian, intimate750 CZK
Groin290 CZK
Thighs250-300 CZK