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EXCLUSIVE Beer Spa, Prague 3

Luxury beer spa in the city center offer a relaxing experience. The advantage of our spa is a home environment that offers complete privacy in the course of the experience.

Spa treatments wonderfully relaxing therapy appropriate for mental rest and relaxation.
Relaxing treatments at our spa is divided into two parts, the first one is a 30 minute bath in original wooden tub, which also works as a spa bath, air bubbles promote the dissolution of ingredients, better then released vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins.

Beer Spa Experience includes

  • překvapení na uvítanou
  • pivní koupel s výtažky chmelu a sladu v dřevěné kádi s vířivkou
  • cedrová sauna (neomezeně po dobu procedury)
  • Beer bath: water 150 I, 150 grams of hops, malt 150 g
  • Refreshments
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Beer Spa price list

1 vat
1 person

1.450 CZK
1 vat
2 persons

2.300 CZK
2 vats
2 persons

2.900 CZK
2 vats
3 persons

3.600 CZK
2 vats
4 persons

4.500 Kč