Beauty Salon
EXCLUSIVE Beer Spa, Prague 3

We offer a wide range of cosmetic services in a pleasant environment and first-class quality. Our priority is your feeling good and perfect appearance. Feel free to use our services in the field of cosmetics and facials.

Cosmetic skin treatment

  • permanent make-up
  • elongation of eyelashes BLINK LASH STYLIST & CARE
  • hot wax hair removal
  • facial treatments mesoderm Q-system – a new technique for activation of collagen
  • a history of skin, make-up removal, skin softening, deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, facial massage, neck and décolleté, peeling mask, final cream
  • basic Treatment + bioactive mask, active skin care serum, active creams, micro massage the eye area
  • exclusive care Alcina + rejuvenation and skin firming gold range of cosmetics Alcina + collagen eye pads
  • hydration, recovery, skin stretching
  • caring with immediate effect
  • basic Treatment + energy capsule / active skin care serum, ampoules Q10, lifting, moisturizing treatment, collagen mask

Beauty salon price list


Make-up from 1 200 CZK

Permanent make-up

Eyebrows 3 100 CZK
Top line 2 100 CZK
Bottom line 1 500 CZK
Top + Bottom lines 3 100 CZK
Lips 3 800 CZK

Beauty treatments

Correct eyebrows 70 CZK
Staining eyebrows 70 CZK
Eyelash 90 CZK
Dry skin from 100 CZK
Peeling 70 CZK
Facial massage 100 CZK
Facial massage + decollete 150 CZK
Facial mask from 100 CZK
Treatment ampoules 100 CZK
Laser treatment
100 CZK
Collagen mask for wrinkles
380 CZK
Collagen eye pads 190 CZK
Micro-eye area 220 CZK
Cosmetic massage 390 CZK
Seven-permanent lashes 500 CZK
Insisted on algae 690 CZK
Elongation of eyelashes – basic 1 200 CZK
Elongation of eyelashes – adding 500 CZK
Facial treatment mesoderm Q-system technology nova activation of collagen 550 CZK
Basic treatment Alcina 90 min  . 550 CZK
Exclusive furnace Alcina 100 min. 750 CZK
Furnaces with immediate effect 100 min. 850 CZK
Péče s okamžitým účinkem (100 min.) 1 050 CZK
Eyelash 3D 1 500 CZK
Treatment for sensitive skin prone 690 CZK
O2 Intense – revitalizing power of oxygen 690 CZK
Lifting, anti-ageing, rejuvenating 850 CZK
Cashmere finest touch of nature 850 CZK
Whitening Brighten – rejuvenation – whitening 890 CZK
Caviar Luxury Care, caviar care 890 CZK
Argan Argan oil – liquid gold 890 CZK