Cedar mini sauna
EXCLUSIVE Beer Spa, Prague 3

Sauna is made of antibacterial cedar wood. Before using a steam-sterilized and the points of contact with the body (legs, seat, neck) are used clean towels.

The actual procedure is divided into three phases

  • Custom sauna 15 min.
  • Dry wrap 15 min.
  • Relaxing oil massage 15 min.

Steam sauna performed at low temperatures to fifty degrees Celsius. Sitting position allows free breathing and blood system does not burden the head. Of steam, cedar and herbal teas occurs cleansing detoxification process, which is enhanced by a final oil massage, which creates a feeling of complete relaxation.

We work with Petr Postránecký.

Sauna price list

Total length of procedures
1 hour

900 CZK

Expert medical consultation
15 minutes

80 CZK

The classic partial massage
20 minutes

300 CZK

Classic full body massage
50 minutes

700 CZK

Fyzioactive (removal of pain)
30 minutes

500 CZK